xx Outstanding Super Quality, White/Cream KC Pomeranian Male 'Romeo' xx

Tiffany chihuahuas and pomeranians


Please contact us if you decide to place a deposit or buy a puppy, we would like to speak to future owners and ask questions. A Dog is For Life! 

We are fully licensed & veterinary approved, our puppies only have the best in life & we strive to produce highest quality no matter the cost. 

Romeo is simply one of the most gorgeous boys i've ever met, looks and personality wise. He has super luxury fur, perfect head and beautiful face,  he really is exclusive quality polar bear, it would be very difficult to find such quality anywhere else. Romeo has no faults & is Kennel Club registered. I don't want for him to just end up anywhere, so will be very selective where he goes as good home is very important to me. Romeo is fully vaccinated and microchipped, so can happily go out on walks and family day outs. This boy is a Pomeranian dream come true. Thank you!  

Taking ownership of any dog is very much a privilege…But it’s also a long term responsibility. The dog will need attention and care every single day, health checks and dealing with any emergencies, that may arise. Add it all up and it’s not easy, but it’s certainly worthwhile because a dog offers his love unconditionally.