FOR STUD ONLY - Top Quality KC Reg Luxurious Lilac Male

Tiffany Chihuahuas and Pomeranians


I have decided to make available our Top Quality Bred, proven Lilac Pomeranian Stud Winston. Photos on here are at 9 months when he was in his monkey stages, however he is even more handsome now in full coat. New photos coming soon - profile photo next to his father.

Winston is stunning bright Lavander/Lilac shade, not blue and not dark lilac. Colour is very bright and striking. He is sired by the best lilac male.

Winston is a Russian import from a Top Kennel who specialise in Exotic colours, he is a true Pom and not Klein Spitz. He is short, compact and cobby with chunky paws & has the most Luxurious coat, just like the standard coloured Poms. His coat has thick wool undercoat, just how Pom fur should be. His eyes are blue.

He is a carrier of all the sought after colours, such as Lilac and Tan, Isabella, Blue and Tan, Chocolate, Chocolate and Tan, Lilac.

His quality is undeniable!

We also have puppies at this moment sired by him. Visit our website for updates & Follow us on Instagram: tiffanychihuahuas

AI option of mating is available. Price includes two matings, 48 hours apart.

We are based in Chester/Cheshire.

Genuine enquiries only.

I also have gorgeous chocolate, white/cream & orange males available at Stud.