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Everyone knows the Chihuahua, that pint-sized pup - the smallest of all breeds, she boasts an enormous following, but there is more to a Chihuahua than your standard lapdog, and there is more, much more in taking care of a Chihuahua than your average dog of any breed. Choosing, caring for, sheltering and breeding the Chihuahua require special attention to details most dog owners never have to think about. Experienced Chihuahua breeders say, they are haunted by stories of new puppy owners who never dreamed an accident would happen, who wish they had known earlier how to safeguard their charges. Any dog is a big responsibility, a tiny dog is an enormous responsibility. Chihuahua owners describe their dogs as "almost human, capable even of crying human tears". The typical Chihuahua is equally at home guarding the yard against intruding birds, navigating a car trip across the country, directing the preparation of a meal or monitoring the television from it's owner's lap. Sweet and saucy, the Chihuahua personality sometimes seems contradictory, but that's because the Chihuahua is adaptable to fit with the many different lifestyles and personalities of people who have shared their lives with this remarkable breed. It's difficult to believe that such a fragile looking creature could descend from dogs forced to carry such a spiritual burden. No doubt, it is this tough heritage that accounts for the tenacity and never-say-die attitude of the modern day Chihuahua. Today the Chihuahua is found around the World, fulfilling such roles as show dog, obedience competitor, tracking dog, hearing aid dog and therapy dog. But whatever its job, the Chihuahua never forgets its primary role - that of loving companion.

You may be attracted by the Chihuahua's diminutive size, but watch out for his huge personality. This breed is described as a lap dog and although he can be very affectionate, he is no pushover. This is a breed that thrives on mental stimulation - and it is vital that future owners take this on board. The Chihuahua has the confidence to stand on his own four feet, and is more then ready to take on the world! Bred to be a companion, the Chihuahua will be miserable if he cannot spend the majority of time with his beloved family. He likes to be part of everything that is going on. As a breeder, I value good temperament above all. It is a fact that most of what we breed goes to pet homes and so a sound temperament must be a top priority. ALL my dogs are happy, friendly and good natured, they enjoy the company of people/customers who visit us and get on with most dogs (please read many positive Facebook and Guest Book comments).
The Chihuahua is supremely adaptable and will be equally happy in a palace or in a small flat. This little dog doesn't mind where he lives as long as he is with his family. However, you do need to be aware of his toileting needs and ensure you have access to exercise areas. If you are a city dweller, you also need to socialise your Chihuahua from an early age, so he is calm and confident amid crowds and traffic.
Chihuahuas are among the most appealing of all dog breeds and Chihuahua puppies are irresistible. However, it's important that you do not succumb to temptation and rush into Chihuahua ownership before giving it serious consideration. Keep in mind, especially with buying pets, the low purchase price of puppy can become very expensive in the end. We are proud to be members of UK Kennel Club for many years and offer good quality KC registered puppies.

Please visit our page: Chihuahua puppies for sale. Our dogs don't live in kennels or cages,  all our puppies are hand reared, specially bred for best temperament and have the best possible start in life.