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Welcome to Tiffany Chihuahuas - the World of Love, Happiness and Perfection. We pride by ourselves on Producing the Best quality pure bred Chihuahua Puppies that are seen in UK these days. All of our dogs are very much a big part of our family, which is evident from their fabulous nature.

We do not operate kennels. All of Our Chihuahuas have specially designed areas within the house to ensure they lead healthy and happy life as animal welfare is of utmost importance to us.

Love and admiration for this wonderful breed has been passed through to us via three generations of family. This breed is truly our obsession and has a unique personality, often thinking much like a human. If you never had the joy of owning a Chihuahua but are considering buying one, you will be fascinated and entertained with the level of intelligence, sensitivity, humour and even security given without asking for much in return by these lovely little creatures. 

The Chihuahua has such a unique temperament, which is a definite benefit of owning this breed of dog. This breed prefers to attach to one or two people and is incredibly loyal to its owner. Almost all Chihuahuas need lots of human contact. If your dog feels as though it is not getting the required amount of petting, touching, and loving, it will let you know by doing something to get your attention (such as lightly pawing your leg or hand, whining, or rolling on its back at your feet). If you plan to have more than one Chihuahua, you may find your dog becomes less stressed when left alone. For example, if you work and will be out of your home for long periods, two Chihuahuas might be better than one. They will most likely try to keep each other company. With their kind temperament, watchdog-like qualities, low exercise requirements, and devotion, this breed of dog is excellent for disabled, elderly, or single people. The Chihuahua will literally lie in your lap for hours, being perfectly content. Chihuahuas also love to curl up and sleep under covers. For this reason, you should expect that the foot of your bed, under the covers, would be occupied by your dog (which is great for keeping your feet warm on a cold winter night). 

We are Dedicated to giving All Our Dogs and Puppies in the very best Nutrition, mental stimulation, socialisation, and medical care. Our main aim is to produce the healthiest, best looking and soundest of temperaments family pets, which will help you and your family to find that missing puzzle. We guarantee, that once you have one of our Chihuahua puppies, you will no doubt come back for another one.

There are a lot of Chihuahuas and Pomeranians on the market these days, that are being passed on as pure bred pups, sadly the tricky part is finding a PURE bred puppy, that conforms with the all standards. With help of our indispensable knowledge and hard work, we promise to help you acquire a puppy of your dreams.

Breeding outstanding quality Chihuahuas takes a lot of time, dedication, passion, finances and knowledge. With this you may find that prices will slightly vary from the average Chihuahuas, however as a dog is for life - it is very important to choose carefully to avoid unnecessary heartache.

Every single of our adult Chihuahuas have totally different and unique temperaments to another, by carefully choosing compatibility between one another, we are able to achieve the best of our results with new born puppies. Over the years we have established a very close relationship with the local best veterinary surgery, who are playing a big part in helping us achieve the results you are seeing today.
Our efforts have been identified by many of our dedicated customers, ITV1, BBC Channels and various public profiles. We welcome everyone to join our Facebook Page Tiffany Chihuahuas:  please read all the posts and view photos from our previous customers. We hope that you and your children enjoy a tour around our lovely website.