It’s hard to resist the sweet ball of fur known as the Pomeranian. Not only is this breed super cute, the Pomeranian is a wonderful addition to the family, thanks to its docile temperament, intelligence and devotion. And just to prove you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (no matter how cute it is), the Pomeranian makes an excellent watchdog, just don’t expect it will scare people off.

It may be small in size, but Pomeranians are quite sturdy when it comes to its appearance and bone structure. Often compared to small foxes due to the shape of its face, the Pomeranian sports a plumed tail that feathers over its back.

A favourite among those who show dogs, Pomeranians’ easygoing personalities make them a great forever companion as well. You can trust that your Pomeranian will be outgoing, easily trainable, and will love being the center of attention. Read on to find out more about the Pomeranian. 

Pomeranians can be a handful at times – although they are intelligent, they can also be willful. Start training as soon as possible and be consistent. Since the breed is smart, your dog can be taught some amazing tricks. Like most dogscrate training your Pomeranian is important, as it needs a den of its own. 

The Pomeranian is outgoing and intelligent. They will soak up all the attention they can get from your family. And because they are so small, they travel well, so your pomeranian can make friends wherever it travels.


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