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Playtime with Puppy | Tiffany chihuahuas and pomeranians

Playtime with Puppy

Playtime with Puppy

Reward based games can continue outside in the garden. Fetching and retrieving hidden objects will soon become a firm favourite. Just be careful to choose the right objects to play with. Sticks for example are not always a good idea as they can cause splinters in sensitive parts of the mouth. By having healthy titbits readily to hand with which to reward appropriate behaviour, you will soon have a biddable playmate for life.

Don’t forget, you are in charge and make sure he understands. Don’t do this by shouting or being rough, but through calm control. Make sure he gives up a toy when you ask him to and set the pace. If things become too frantic, young puppies in particular can become easily confused. It’s a good idea to keep rotating toys, so he doesn’t become bored and keep them out of the way when you are not playing.

While it’s tempting to always join in, the time will come where you have to let go a little. Your puppy needs to learn to play on his own. Provide toys that will keep him amused for a long time. Bored puppies can become destructive. If this happens, talk to members of the local vet practice or the breeder you purchased him from. They will have encountered this before and have plenty of preventative strategies to help you.

Toys needn’t be expensive. Improvise with things you find around the home such as old soft toys. Just make sure you remove any sharp edges or anything that could cause injury. Standard favourites include squeaky toys and raggers (length of ropes made up of strips of material). Hard rubber rings and chews are particularly welcome when teething.

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