Truly Unique opportunity to Acquire a puppy with the best start in life with famous TIFFANY CHIHUAHUAS CHARACTER.  Only at Tiffany Chihuahuas! 

We are Serious breeders and have spent years researching genetics and the breed, we breed only the best specimens and screen for hereditary defects in order to obtain superior puppies.  We breed a litter only after studying the breed standard, pedigrees and individual dogs to find the most advantageous match of conformation. When we do breed, it is because we love the Chihuahua and believe that our puppies could be a worthwhile addition not only to the breed, but to somebody's life. 

We uphold the very highest breeding standards in order to give you a loving, PURE BRED Chihuahua. Our program is based with an emphasis on the highest standard, for temperament and outstanding health. All of our puppies are hand reared and socialised from day one! We will not sell any of our puppies to a puppy farm/kennels or someone who is going to have them live outside. We are looking for the best loving homes possible for our babies, where they will get lots of love and attention.  PLEASE READ OUR "BUYER BEWARE" PAGE. 

Please note that due to popularity of our dogs, most of our puppies sell before we even get the chance to put them on our website. Sometimes it is better to get in touch with us directly, that way we are able to advise you if we have or will have a puppy that you are searching for. FREE LARGE PUPPY PACK +  1 MONTH FREE INSURANCE for puppy of your choice.

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      Live far away? Call to arrange a viewing of a puppy via Skype.

Delivery* is available all over UK if you are unable to travel, subject to prior arrangement and our availability. Please note there is a fee for our time,milage and fuel. We would need to speak to you first to ensure that you are able to offer our puppy a suitable home and a proof of identity as well as a deposit will be required for security reasons.

Due to to worldwide recognition of our dogs, we now liaise with reputable licensed and insured pet couriers who can deliver our puppies worldwide. We can are able to provide you with the details of the courier for a quote. Good home is very important to us therefore we will require you to answer several questions, provide a copy of your identification as well as accept our 'terms and conditions' which will be listed in the puppy contract. 

Huanita, Booboo, Tiani and Bianca 15/03/2015 Video of Huanita and friends
5 beautiful milky way babies, 3 girls and two boys 15/03/2015

Booboo, Huanita, Tiani and Bianca 15/03/2015

White Micro Tiny baby girl and boy, Nemo and Emmi. Also two boys: Carlos and Snowball  15/03/2015











Sex: Male

Size: Very Small

Coat type: Smooth haired

 Colour: white

Price: £950

 Ready Now 

Snowball is an incredibly little, beautiful, delightful, cheeky, gentle and very happy little chappie. He has a beautiful complexion, superb cobby body, amazing type, short legs, glossy short coat, stunning green eyes and the sweetest chocolate button nose. His head is a perfectly formed apple shape and his muzzle is lovely and short. Ears are nearly up now and will be once adult, he has no faults, excellent 6 x 6 scissor teeth. Mommy is a stunning solid chocolate and dad is a gorgeous cream boy. Snowball is a very special fellow indeed who will bring many years of beauty and happiness to someone special.  


We are very proud to present 3 baby girls, our latest additions. Two strikingly stunning rare blues and one very pretty black girl. All babies will be of a beautiful, true to standard chihuahua type just like both parents. The girls are open for reservation.

Blue girls £2000 and Black girl £1600. Kennel Club Registered.  Exceptionally beautiful litter.

Girls: Vienna (left), Ariana (middle), Arielle (right)

New photos and description to follow soon, once puppies are a little older. 


5 stunning babies, 3 girls and 2 boys. Ready Now.

Colour: Snow white

Price: £1200 boys and £1500 girls 

Boys: Manuel (left), Albie (right)

Girls: Tamara (left), Apika (middle), Aleksandra (right)

Absolutely stunningly OUTSTANDING quality, very true to type baby girls and boys are now available for reservation. A stunning litter, all babies have the most gorgeous little baby doll faces, perfectly shaped heads and super typey cobbby bodies just like both of the parents. All are almost identical with gorgeous/striking green eyes and chocolate button, kissable noses. No faults, 6 x 6 mouths.  Temperaments are very well balanced, very intelligent, happy and alert. Such beauty is extremely difficult to find. 


Sex: Female

Size: Exceptionally small

Coat type: Long haired -  luxury coat

 Colour: cream

Price: £1850

 Ready Now 

Absolutely stunningly gorgeous, super tiny long haired baby girl who will stay super small when fully grown. Bianca is of a very beautiful and highly thought after cream/champagne colour. She has the most perfectly proportioned petite body, short legs, cobby little body, very pretty baby face with short muzzle and apple dome head, just like a cartoon character. Temperament wise she is extremely clever, knows exactly what she wants, loving and friendly girl. Everything one could ever dream of. 



Sex: Female - Kennel Club Registered

Size: very small

Coat type: Ultra Smooth coat

 Colour: White

Price: £1600

 Ready Now

Absolutely incredible, exceptionally beautiful, premium quality, ultra smooth and glossy coated baby girl. Huanita American name for meaning 'Gift from god') is very happy, smart and playful baby. This little girl is exceptionally well bred and is very true to type. She is of an extremely thought after white/pale cream colour, with stunning big dark eyes that always have a cheeky glimmer in them, she is always up to something.  Words can't describe just how truly special this baby girl really is. No faults, excellent 6x6 mouth. Gorgeous girl with so much potential, someone will be truly lucky to own such an incredible little Diva.






Sex:  Nemo- Male - Kennel Club Registered 

Size: Exceptionally miniature size 

Coat type: Ultra smooth coated

  Colour: White

 Price: £1500

 Ready Now

Teeny tiny (words can't describe just how tiny) baby boy, stunning rare white colour with green eyes and chocolate nose.  Nemo is so little, cheeky and gorgeous - he doesn't seem real, just like a little mouse from a disney film. Even though he is incredibly little, he is a very active, healthy, intelligent and feisty. He has the perfect complexion, tiny short legs, cobby body, perfect apple head and short nose. His coat is short, glossy and silky. This little man is a dream come true.

Sex:  Emmi - Female  - Kennel Club Registered 

Size: Exceptionally miniature size

Coat type: Ultra smooth coated 

  Colour: White/cream

 Price: £2500

 Ready Soon

One in a million, teeny tiny baby girl Emmi with the most gorgeous baby face and the most incredible character. It is very surprising just how much smaller she is in real life to compared to what she seems in the photos. Emmi is mainly white in colour with very unique light cream marking all over her body. Mommy is lilac and dad is cream. She has the most beautiful little baby face, very striking green eyes, chocolate nose. She has the looks of an angel but her character is one of the real Diva. This tiny miniature mouse will take your heart forever.


Sex: Male

Size: Very Small

Coat type: Smooth haired

 Colour: milk chocolate

Price: £1300

 Ready Now 

Extremely handsome, very small, rare and unusual milk chocolate baby boy with chocolate nose and striking green eyes.  Incredible type, perfect apple dome head and the most gorgeous baby face with very short nose. Carlos has no faults, his legs are very short and body is small, compact and cobby. This little chap is to die for. He carries all the rare colours, his mum is solid bitter chocolate and dad is cream. Character wise Carlos is a very bright chappie with a fabulous very well balanced nature, he is very confident and super clever. 


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